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Won’t Be Long

Today is March 5, 2024. Super Tuesday. And as millions of people head to the polls, here on Mount Desert Island we are preparing for another busy season and millions of people embark on their vacation to Acadia National Park. Here at MDI TOURS, I am busy getting my Suburban inspected, checked over, and registered. I am getting my permits to do business in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park secured. April 15th will be here soon! Acadia will be opened, and vacationers will soon be here! I always look forward to meeting new people from all over the country, and enhancing their memories of Acadia National Park. If you plan on visiting Acadia this summer or fall, let MDI TOURS show you around. With MDI TOURS doing the driving, you won't have to be concerned with finding a place to park - (a real problem). Also, you won't need to worry about a park pass, or a reservation to go up on Cadillac Mountain; I will take care of that! And with MDI TOURS, you won't miss any of the beauty that is often missed by folks driving themselves. Just sit back in a nice comfortable Suburban, and enjoy your family and friends, and let me do the driving. Your Acadia vacation will be so much more enjoyable. If you reserve a tour with MDI TOURS, I'll treat you like family. Check out our website, and be sure to book your tour.

Pretty soon the leaves will come out, the campgrounds and hotels will fill up, and our crazy season will quickly be upon us! And I can't wait!! IT WONT BE LONG!!



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