MDI Tours is truly a family business, and we are extremely excited to meet all of you this summer!  Scroll down so we can introduce ourselves before your tour.

Welcome to MDI TOURS. I am Matt Valarik. My wife Kim was raised on Mount Desert Island, and grew up enjoying the beauty of Acadia National Park. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but we now both live and work on MDI.  I was serving in the United States Navy when I discovered this Island paradise, and is where I met Kim. I have been up and down the entire Eastern Seaboard, and there isn't a prettier place than Mount Desert Island.  Kim and I have been married for 32 years now, and we have raised our two sons, Taylor and Evan on Mount Desert Island. MDI will always be our home! It has been a true blessing to have Acadia National Park as our playground.  And over the years, our family has enjoyed the outdoor activities of hiking the mountains, biking the carriage trails, swimming in Echo Lake, fishing and kayaking that MDI has to offer. Showing vacationers Acadia National Park, and the rest of Mount Desert Island  is our passion and joy! Mount Desert Island is often referred to by the locals as "The Rock." We look forward to showing you all of the spots enjoyed by the locals as you tour the ROCK with us!  MDI TOURS!! 

Hello everyone - My name is Taylor, and I want you to meet my wife Rachel, and our son Johnny; we are all a part of the MDI Tours team! We are so excited to show you everything that makes the island home to us. I was lucky enough to grow up in this beautiful place, and ever since the first time Rachel set foot on the island it was love at first sight. We met while attending college and working for our university touring and playing music.  We have driven thousands of miles all across the country, have shot photography and video around the world in Japan, and Wales, but there really is no place like MDI.  Our love for creativity has fueled us ever since. We are passionate about so many things - photography, videography, woodworking, and we are the nerds who built this website! We also love sharing this beautiful island with an amazing community. For the last 6 years we have called Nashville, TN home and are so excited to return to our roots to share the beauty that is Mount Desert Island.

Hey everyone, my name is Evan and that's my wife Abby. 

For the last 5 years I have been living abroad in several different countries, including, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, and Peru, serving as a missionary with local churches in those areas. And in doing that, I have developed a strong love of traveling and have been fortunate to see a lot of incredibly beautiful places. But I always tell people that MDI/Acadia, is by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen. And I am so grateful that I am now home and have married my wife Abby and we are living happily here in this incredible MDI paradise. 

We both were so blessed to grow up in this beautiful area, and to be able to settle down here together is a dream come true, there is so much to do and see here, it's amazing! We hope that you choose to come take a tour with us, because we are so excited to get to show you around The Rock!

Hello Everyone, my name is Linda Handzel and I am a guide for MDI Tours.
I have lived in Maine all my life and the rugged, rocky coast is my favorite part of our state. Sometimes the ocean lies quiet and calm with sunshine sparkling like diamonds off the water. But there are other times when thundering waves crash against the rocks, sending ocean spray high into the air. I love to hear our tourists oohh and aahh over the beauty of the landscape.  World travelers tell me that they have never seen natural beauty like they see on this tour. 
I am an inspirationally encouraging speaker (www.Lindahandzel.com), which means I talk a lot. MDI tours is a perfect fit for me, because I enjoy sharing the beauty of our state and telling fascinating stories about our famous locals. Be sure to book a tour with us this summer. We look forward to sharing the beauty of God's creation with you from the comfort of one of our roomy Suburbans.