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A Delicious Taste of Maine

When you travel to a place you've never been before, sometimes it takes you a few days just to get your sense of direction. Mount Desert Island has a multitude of fun activities, and scenic adventures. But if you don't know your way around, you can spend much of your precious vacation driving around, wasting time, and missing many of the sights. MDI Tours can really enhance your vacation! We are locals! We have lived here, and worked here most of our lives! On our Quietside-Taste of Maine Tour, we will give you a great itinerary of activities! Let us do the driving, and we will take you to all of our favorite hiking trails, our favorite places to kayak, to bike, to swim, and to eat. We will show you places on this beautiful Island that the average vacationer just doesn't get to see. And, on this tour you get a extra special taste of Maine with a fresh, authentic Maine lobster dinner! So, if you want to get to know your way around this Island; if you want to know where all the great activities are, and how to find them; if you want to taste some mouth watering Maine lobster, go into our website at - and reserve a seat on the Quietside-Taste of Maine Tour! It'll be a great way to start your vacation. Come and tour the rock, with MDI Tours!!

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